June 17, 2017 Meeting at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens

The next meeting of the LACPS will be at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens at 10:30am - 1:30pm Saturday June 17, 2017. Here are meeting details from Warren, the official LACPS ambassador to the Huntington:

Space is limited to around 40 people. I have 42 signed up now so sign ups are more or less closed at this point.

The meeting will be held in Ahmanson Classroom in the Brodie Botanical Center building.

Directions to the Huntington can be found on their website


A map of the Huntington can be found here.


Parking is free in the visitors lot. From the North end of the parking lot follow the road/walkway west towards the guard booth to the Botanical Center. If the guards or other staff ask tell them you are attending a meeting in the Ahmanson Classroom for the Los Angeles Carnivorous Plant Society. If you are signed up you can pick up your sticker pass at the meeting, do not pay at the main entrance. If you are not signed up you should purchase a ticket at the main entrance and I cannot guarantee space on the greenhouse tour.

The Brodie Botanical Center is pretty much due west of entrance area.

You are welcome to bring plants to show-and-tell, trade or whatever. Be aware the Huntington staff are trained to prevent people leaving the garden areas with plants. This has not been a problem in the past but could be. Be prepared to transport your plants across the large parking lot depending on where you find parking.

Meeting dues will be $1 per person.

I believe Jim the Director of the Gardens will conduct the Greenhouse tour. He usually takes the entire group at once. If Dylan is doing the tours he likes to take groups of no more than 10 at a time. We won't know until the day of the meeting.

I can do a short presentation on a trip I took to Northern California and Oregon on some Darlingtonia sites. I will need a laptop though. The Huntington has AV hookups so a projector is not needed. If anyone else would like to do a short presentation you are also welcome to.

The list is posted in the database section. Apologies for any mangling of name spelling: